Health benefits of stopping smoking

The health benefits of stopping smoking start immediately and can continue for years.

Patches, gum, tablets and other cessation aids

There are many different products to help you stop smoking including patches, gum, tablets, sprays and inhalers.

Get support in your area

There is lots of local support available, from stop smoking groups to your local pharmacist.

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Smoking and pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy is the largest preventable cause of ill health and death in young babies and infants.

Smoking and your appearance

Dry skin and wrinkles are just two of the many damaging effects that smoking can have on your looks.

Second-hand smoke

Second-hand smoke can increase the risk of many serious illnesses, with children at greater risk than adults.

Video – inspiring real life stories about stopping

If you are looking for more reasons to stop – check out some inspiring journeys to quitting.