Case studies

Case study – G4S smoking cessation programme

G4S's Mallusk cash centre is a part of G4S plc, the world's leading security solutions group. There is a strong corporate social responsibility policy which includes a commitment to employees' health and well-being.

The challenge

The efficiency of G4S's manufacturing line was impacted in a number of ways by employees taking their smoking breaks during working hours. Given the requirement to security search all staff every time they leave the secure areas within the centre, there were increased non-productive hours. Non-smoking colleagues were required to cover the manufacturing line in the smokers' absence.

The solution

G4S engaged with the Workplace Smoking Cessation Specialist, who worked with the management team at Mallusk to assess the needs of the employees who smoked. Part of the initiative linked the Company with a pharmacist who was willing to provide a smoking cessation clinic in the workplace during normal working hours, offering nicotine replacement therapy and professional support and advice. The clinic was able to help seven out of ten smokers quit.


There have been a number of direct and indirect benefits to both the Company and the employees. There has been a considerable reduction in non-productive hours and staff have taken fewer days off. The staff's perception of the Company has been improved and staff morale has increased. Beyond these benefits to the Company, there has been a positive impact on employees' lives and families and those that have managed to quit have inspired others to give up smoking too.

Gawain Foster, Service Manager G4S, said, "I would certainly recommend running a pilot within any company. G4S staff really benefited from having perceived barriers to accessing help removed through a workplace smoking cessation service."

Case Study - VION Pilot

Vion is a large meat product manufacturer based in Cookstown, with 660 employees. Vion wanted to support employees to give up smoking. Vion employs an Occupational Health Nurse, who benefited from Smoking Cessation Specialist training.

Case study – Ryobi Ltd.

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