Workplace stop smoking services

The Workplace Stop Smoking Service is flexible and adaptable to suit the needs of employees and employers. It can offer you the following range of services, tailored to suit your individual business needs. Contact your local stop smoking specialist service to find out more.

All services offered are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL, and funded by the Public Health Agency.

Information sessions

These are open to all staff interested in addressing smoking or quitting smoking within the workplace. Examples of what is on offer include manned information stands and short talks. The sessions can be tailored to suit your needs or the time available.

This type of information session:

  • helps smokers understand their habit;
  • explains the nature of the addiction;
  • outlines the health and financial costs of smoking;
  • explains the support offered through the programme and how the programme is delivered;
  • helps smokers consider changes to their habit in preparation for quitting, eg. making their car or home smoke-free;
  • aims to motivate smokers to take advantage of the opportunity available to quit smoking.

Specialist stop smoking service in your workplace

A specialist stop smoking service can be set up in your workplace. This type of service typically lasts between 6 and 12 weeks.

Individuals ready and motivated to make a quit attempt would participate in group or one-to-one weekly sessions as follows:

  • Individual initial assessment (15–30 minutes): First week To assess motivation and readiness to quit, and tailor support to individual needs.
  • Weekly review sessions (15 minutes each): 6–12 sessions Ongoing behavioural support offered at each weekly clinic. Carbon monoxide monitoring is carried out on all smokers to validate non-smoking status.

Specialist services can be arranged by contacting the stop smoking specialist in your area – visit the Contacts page.

In addition, you can discuss the opportunities for workplace champions to become trained as in-house stop smoking specialists. There is a requirement that, after completing training, specialists must deliver the stop smoking service to a minimum of 10 clients annually.


We have a range of stop smoking materials that you can order and distribute to employees in your workplace.

Policy support documents

We provide support for employers to review and revise policies and staff induction programmes, and embed a smoke-free culture.

Further information / support available

We can train key individuals in the workplace (eg. health and safety advisers, union reps, occupational health professionals, human resources, managers, supervisors) on brief interventions to support new and existing employees in their quit attempts. Brief Intervention Training lasts one and a half hours and can be delivered to your employees on site.

We can support businesses to develop stop smoking activities that link with employee health and wellbeing programmes and recognition awards, eg. Investors in People.

Additional services may be available in your area. To find out more, contact your local stop smoking service.