Reasons to stop

Children who live with parents or siblings who smoke are up to 3 times more likely to become smokers themselves than children from non-smoking households.

One of the keys to success is wanting to stop. Everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to quit. We asked some people who smoke to give their reasons for wanting to quit and have listed them below. This might help you think about why you want to stop.

  1. I don’t want to stand outside to smoke, especially in the bad weather.
  2. To save money.
  3. I want to set a good example to my children or other family and friends.
  4. To improve my health.
  5. I don’t want to damage my appearance.
  6. To improve fitness.
  7. To take on the challenge and have sense of achievement.
  8. To support a friend, partner or family member who is trying to quit.
  9. To have a better quality of life.
  10. I am fed up with my house and clothes smelling of smoke.

To help you decide whether or not you want to quit, you could weigh up your reasons for continuing to smoke against the benefits you would enjoy from stopping.